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    General Questions

    What's your IGN?

    What's your name?
    What your age? - (You must be 14 years or OLDER!)
    What gender are you?
    What languages can you speak?
    English, Some Chinese (Taking some classes to learn it)
    Where do you live? (State/Country/Province)
    What timezone are you in?

    Staff Based Questions

    Do you have previous staff experience? (Proof provided if possible)

    I was the Admin of a small server with around 40-50 players on daily. It used to be bigger, but due to problems within the staff team, the server files were wiped and a large majority of the community had left. During this time, I had learned to handle angry players (these players were more angry with the rash decisions of the owner of the server, rather than me, but their anger was pushed onto me as a Admin). But since I can't provide proof you can say I have no experience.
    (I know this will effect my app but I don't have proof). And if you say I copied and pasted this I did due to the fact that I would just be rewriting the same thing and would pretty much be the same.

    What makes you a better candidate over someone else?
    I am a better candidate because I know majority of the players who play on the server right now. I will also try to get to know the newer players and be nice to them and make sure they get help I also have more time then most applicants and I know more about the server then they do. I should also be chosen as a staff member for this server because I am mature and can make decisions even under pressure. I will be able to answer most questions that a new user may have. Hopefully this will prove useful as a staff member, but I will continue to help out as best I can whether or not I receive a promotion to Helper. Also I understand the role and I like to help other people. I want to become an asset to this server and make sure that people will enjoy this server. And also I want to be mature and helpful on this server
    Do you know the commands a moderator/helper would have to use?
    Yes, I know how to use the commands and when to use them. I also know to not abuse them.
    What are your weaknesses?
    I tend to argue about something I think is correct until the other person agrees that my side is correct.
    What are your strengths?
    I know a lot of commands and when to use them, I know a lot of the players on the server so I help a lot of people in the chat and I think I could improve the staff team.
    What are three things CartelPvP is going to benefit from your hiring?
    I think you would benefit by
    1. You would have a active staff member that is well known on the server.
    2. I know a lot of the commands and I know how to improve the server.
    3. I know what the people want on the server and what they want is cannones

    Why do you want to be a staff member?
    To help the server improve itself and to make sure it is a friendly environment for all people. I also want to help people because I know a lot and I also Like helping people. I also want to get to know the newer players and help them out. and I think I can contribute a lot to this new server and help it be active for a couple of years and maybe have it turn into one of the top faction servers on minecraft!
    Can you name the current staff team?





    Anything Else

    Do you have discord?

    Yes, I do Have discord.
    Whats your discord name? - Please include the tag number found here ( Looks like #2978
    Do you have a working microphone?
    No, my Microphone broke.
    Can you record?
    Yes, I can record
    Anything else you want to tell us?
    I won't abuse again and you can make me mod again when you feel I'm ready to be a moderator

    How do we know you wont leave again.

    I didn't leave I was demoted from being a moderator.
    If you were demoted how will you improve yourself.
    I will improve myself due to the fact that I thought I was just playing around and not abusing, Due to it being before the server was released and we were just joking around. But DawsonEW had a video and showed it to the HRS and they deemed me too abusive to be a staff member. But I think I have improved myself because I will not play around while on duty and make sure to not abuse.
    Why would you like to come back to the staff team.
    I would Like to come back to Improve the team to make them helpful (not that they already are) but even more helpful then before due to the fact I am very active and well known on the server.
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    On your application it looks like some of the information you put down was copy and pasted from your previous applications, (Almost word for word) I think you should try and change it up a little bit.

    Good luck!
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    Jul 29, 2017
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    That previous app was denied due to it being posted before the 2 week period.
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    Around two - three weeks ago, your attitude on the server, and the way you acted was very unprofessional and unacceptable..

    I've seen you in-game, and you're still pretty toxic & unprofessional.
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    I have read your application and everything seems like it is in order, it's just you have to update a few things.

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