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    The in-game rules are below;

    Remember: All punishments below can change, depending on how the staff member sees fit.

    1.) No DDoS/DoS/Dox threats. (This included release of personal information)
    Any breakage of these offenses will result in a Perm ban.

    2.) No charging-back any purchases made on our store.
    Breakage of this rule, will result in a perm ban.

    3.) Do not used hack clients, or any mods that given an unfair advantage.
    Offense, perm ban from our server.
    If you aren't sure which mods are allowed, and not click here!

    4.) Do not spam in chat.
    1st Offense: kick/mute 10m
    2nd Offense: 30min Mute
    3rd Offense: 60-120 minute mute

    5.) Do not be disrespectful to players, or staff!
    1st Offense: Mute 15minutes
    2nd Offense: Mute 60minutes
    3rd Offense: Mute 420 minutes - forever

    6.) Do not be racist or use any racial derogatory terms to disrespect players.
    1st Offense: 15minute mute
    2nd Offense: 30-60minute mute
    3rd Offense: 120-420minute mute

    7.) Do not abuse bugs/glitches. Please note: We offer a reward if you report these and do not abuse them!
    Upon breakage of this rule, your punishment will be determined by an admin.
    It could result in a perm ban.

    8.) Do not use printer mode in schematica.
    1st Offense: perm ban

    9.) Causing any intentional server-lag is against the rules
    1st Offense: perm ban

    10.) No more then a 20-chunk buffer is allowed.
    Breakage of this will result in an admin reducing your claim buffer.

    11.) Do not advertise anything on our network
    1st Offense: perma ban
    The only exception to this is advertising a discord server to play with friends!

    12.) Auto cannons aren't allowed.
    1st Offense: 7day ban
    2nd Offense: Perm ban

    13.) Threats of harm in real life are not allowed.

    1st Offense: 15minute mute.
    2nd Offense: 30minute mute.
    3rd Offense: Perm mute - appeal on the forums.

    Please be sure you are following all these rules in-game.
    We do allow some level of profanity in chat, however, don't abuse this privilege.

    Thank you,
    - CartelPvP
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