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    CartelPvP Ranks

    Donator - Premium - VIP - VIP+ - MVP - Sponsor - Veteran - Elite - Hero - Legend - Boss
    As these are donator ranks, anyone can obtain these ranks by donating.
    Store can be found here - http://store.cartelpvp.net/

    You can Obtain this rank If you have a YouTube channel with 1000 (1k) Subscribers, message an Admin on the forums, or In-Game with a YouTube Link!

    As this is the first Staff-Rank, it is obtainable by applying! This rank shows us how experienced, and how well you work work players, and doing your job.
    Remember, helping + enforcing rules goes before playing.
    You can apply for Helper here - http://cartelpvp.net/forums/staff-applications.13/

    This is the second Staff-Rank on our list, this Staff-Rank, is responsible for assisting players on a larger scale, and watching the chat.
    This rank is also obtained by applying - http://cartelpvp.net/forums/staff-applications.13/

    Administrators are very high within the Staff-Team, and the community itself, these members of Staff, are in charge of Staff, Ban-Appeals, and the quality of the Server!
    Administrators are not permitted to play.

    These next ranks are unattainable unless the owner says otherwise!

    Community Manager
    As Community manager your job it to over see the staff team and make sure everyone is doing their job. They also deal with payment issue reports! They also take the Community's input and send the information to the Owner!

    Systems Administrator

    As Systems Admin your job is to make sure the servers and website are running smooth. If something happens to any of these they have to take care of it and fix it!

    Network Owner
    This is the Network Owner. He/she pays for the server and anything else. They over see the Community Manager and the Systems admin to make sure they are doing their job!

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