New Servers!

Ayeelanaa Owner posted Jan 31, 16

Hey guys, 


So some exciting updates!

As a lot of you know, our OP prison server is now open. We really hope you will join us and invite your friends to try out our new server. Remember, it is brand spanking new so there might be a few bugs but we promise we will sort them out as fast as we can. 

A huge thankyou to TrowbridgeHD and xBen_D12 for all their help, they went above and beyond to make sure this server is what it is. Also thankyou to any players or staff who tested and tried the server to ensure it was ready for you all.

We have also opened up a cannon server so you can test your cannons out! We will be posting a forum post with pictures of cannons, walls and videos of how some of these work. You will be able to use //schem to load in these cannons and walls and it would be awesome if some of you could suggest or even create your own cannons and walls you would like players to test or be able to use as a template. So, if you have any comment below!

You can use /cannon and /prison to get to both servers as well as /servers for the server selector.

Top Voters

I would also like to announce our top monthly voters:

1. Smooch $50

2. iSalembz and Zman9248 $40

3. TheMegaSauce and Endercobalt11 $30

Please make sure to submit a ticket to claim your coupon code.

Top Donor

Congratulations to Alfreddy for being the top donor and winning a $50 voucher too!


Now onto more updates for the reset, we are honestly all so excited to get this out and ready for you all to play. It will be the greatest reset we have had with so many custom features and experiences.


- Lava flow turned on this week, tnt destroys lava in 1 hit.

We are really excited to see how Mafia progresses over the next few months and would like to thank you all for being such loyal members of the community.

evilmonkey561 help i am stuck in the drug shop and i am a cop. I did not try to go in i got accepted 10hrs ago and the put me as a cop...
xBen_D12 Moderator Your more then welcome :)
SooGhostly Alanna is bae <3