As a follow up to comments made on the Announcement about unbans being phased out:

I have received questions from a few players, so allow me to use this opportunity to answer it for all to hear (and hopefully reduce the questions we get)

One of the main reasons for the removal of unbans is because it got to the point where players WILLINGLY chose to break the rules and hack/glitch/xray to their heart's content, believing that they can simply buy an unban, and as for the damage done to the players, player bases, and the mafia economy: "oh well".

That being said, We do understand the news was sudden, and some of you that were banned from before were waiting to make up the money (or have other reasons for waiting) to buy yourselves an unban.

So allow us to extend this one LAST olive branch to you:  
WHILE the unban option is still in buycraft:
1)The ONE absolute rule is this: If Alanna specifically says you are banned and will remain banned, then your ban is permanent. DO NOT buy an unban. You will just be re banned, and the money you spent will not be returned to you.

2) for those who were banned but still had the option to buy an unban within the rules (basically everyone else NOT banned by Alanna and were told it's permanent), you MAY purchase an unban through:
   2a) if you were perm banned per Alanna's orders, and you try to buy an unban, be warned: you will be re-banned, and the money you spent forfeited. I'm repeating this so we don't get players yelling "I bought unban, and you re-banned me! I want my money back".

4) To prevent players from abusing our good faith gesture: it ONLY APPLIES TO PREVIOUS PLAYERS BANNED!
   If, for example, a) we do an investigation tomorrow, and find that you x-rayed a base yesterday, you will have the option to buy an unban. BUT b) if you break the rules after today, and get perm banned, you will NOT have this unban option.

If you have any questions about my wording, or if you do not understand what was written, please do leave a comment. I will do my best to make things clear, if another player or staff member does not beat me to it :-)

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