Monthly Update

xBen_D12 Admin posted May 3, 16

Hey Guys,


You should all be fully aware now that we have reset the factions server last month! If you still haven't claimed your donations back please do so. Just to reiterate money, crates or cases from previous reset's will not be returned or refunded due to them being a one time only thing. If you bought: Potion Stacker, Sneaky Beaky Ability, Rename Tokens, Stattrack, Faction Power or Jelly Legs- Sorry to say but we no longer do these items anymore. So if you did buy any of those please make a support ticket and we will issue a voucher for the loss of the items. 

Top Voters

Now moving on to the top voters of last month:

1. annonymous_1 - $50

2. scatterill - $40

3. CapBAB & ShadowRascal - $30

Top Donor

Congratulations to Beating for being the top donator last month. You won a $50 voucher.

If you won a voucher from top voters or top donator please claim them in a ticket.

As you are all know reset is still in it's early days, so any bugs you find please report to a member of admin that is online or in a support ticket.

That's all for now, we have fixed a lot of bugs in the past couple of days to see our changelog go to discord.

Happy Playing :)