xBen_D12 Admin posted 20 hours ago

Hi guys,

Some updates:

Why have we removed vote rewards?

This was a new feature added by mojang for the EULA, we were made aware a few weeks ago. 

Vote rewards must be global and not benefit individual players.

Therefore, for every 5 global votes all players will recieve a vote key.

Obtaining old store ranks and items

We have now allowed players to obtain past ranks and items from the old store.

$1 in the old store will be equivalent to 100 million in game money.

You can contact an admin through the ticket sytem via store support to exchange your in game money for ranks and items that were in the old store

Moving on,

We would like some suggestions for the new rank names for criminals and police. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, please bare in mind that they are relevant and appropriate. Click here to suggest names, you can suggest them in the forum page.

Thanks for being so patient with us.